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image for project Project MAST This project is a novel alliance among the state school system, Jackson State University, Jackson Public Schools and other public schools in Mississippi. The project also partners with the Ironwood Observatory and Education Center in Hawaii, the James Cook University Center for Astronomy in Australia and the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The partnership focuses on high school physics, chemistry and earth science. The project anticipates enabling 45 preservice teachers to obtain teaching licenses in high school science. Courses will be designed and taught by the College of Education and Human Development and the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. The goal is to enable teachers to implement National Science Education Standards and the Mississippi Science Curriculum Frameworks for high school (9-12) education. The long term goal is to improve student achievement in science and to significantly reduce achievement gaps in the science performance within the diverse student population.

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Teacher Belief Survey - Forced Choice "A or B"

This an 8 question survey with two choices given for each item, A or B but not both. It is used to open minds about latent beliefs. This can be...

A Science Lesson Plan Analysis Instrument for Formative and Summative Program Evaluation of a Teacher Education Program

"In evaluating the success of teacher development programs, measures of teaching practice that are valid, reliable, and scalable are needed. We have developed, validated, and piloted the Science Lesson...

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